If this is your first time trying aerial arts we know you must have questions about what to wear, what to bring and what to expect! Before signing up for a class or calling, please read through the below answers. We are excited to have you join us and look forward to meeting you!
1. What do I wear to my first class?
We want you to be comfortable. Please wear your normal workout attire, pants, crops, tank top or T shirt. Please bring a pair of shorts as you will need those to learn certain moves.
*Please wash off ALL body lotion before class. Any lotion on the skin can be a hinderance as you may feel slippery on the pole.

2. What do I wear on my feet?
Nothing! We dance barefoot so you don't need any special type of shoes.

3. Do I need to bring a water bottle?
If you want you can bring your own water bottle. We do sell water for $1 in the studio as well.

4. I'm not in "shape", can I still take class?
YES! You do not need to be in "shape" to take a class. We start all beginner level classes very basic. We include conditioning exercises as well to help you begin to build the strength needed to advance.

5. Will I go upside down in my first class?
No! Again beginner classes teach the fundamentals not inversions. Students can expect to learn basic walks, basic ground moves, some floor work and a basic climb.
*Please refer to our CLASS VIDEO tab to see a demo video!

6. Am I too old to take these classes?
Not at all! We have students ranging from 12- women in their 50's. One of the top pole dancers in our industry is a woman named Greta who is 65 years old!

7. Do I need to pre register for class or can I just show up?
We highly recommend all students pre register for class to ensure they have a spot. If you walk in we cannot guarantee you a spot in class. Also you will need an account in our Mind & Body system as a student so it's best you set it up yourself beforehand so you know how to manage it. 

8. What if I'm running late to class?
For your safety and the respect of other students we do not allow students to enter class late. Please arrive on time for class.

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