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Ashley Popoli is the owner of Vertical Addiction, an aerial fitness studio in Stamford, CT.

With a background in competitive gymnastics and a bachelor's in business management, fate had it that Ashley would love pole dance and eventually open her own studio. As she quickly began training under the direction of Kyra Johannesen, Popoli soon found herself competing once again, this time not on a tumbling mat but on a pole!

Ashley won her first competition landing herself a cover shoot and interview in Pole2Pole magazine. She went on to win the first amateur division of the Supershag Competition in 2013. Last year Popoli was chosen as one of the 8 female finalists for the first US Aerial Championship in NYC.

Popoli continues to grow her studio in CT and is excited to open her second location this year.

This mother of 5 took a pole class at Vertical Addiction almost 2 years ago and thought nothing of it other than it would be something fun and silly to try. Little did she know she was about to be hooked! Since that first class Aileen has become a committed pole athlete and even started competing, scooping up 2 gold medals in level 1. She is now a certified ElevatED pole fitness instructor and teaches for VA!
Polina, a native Latvian, grew up in Germany and came to the US in 2010. Besides her full time career in graphic design, she has a big passion for challenging sports. In 2013 Polina discovered her passion for pole fitness when she joined Vertical Addiction.
The physical challenges of pole, the fun and unique movement, inversions as well as the erotic part of the dance got her addicted to the art form. Her background in Capoeira and her dedicated training helped her progress quickly and today she is very happy and proud to be part of the VA instructors team.
Polina is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and diverse background with the students at the VA studio. Come and check out her new class 'floor fusion' where she combines sexy floor dance moves with strength and flexibility based moves of Capoeira into a flowing and challenging choreography. Polina believes that there is a gorgeous, loving and passionate goddess in each one of us and that it is up to us to make her light shine into this world; pole is one of the best practices to bring this inner goddess onto the surface and share our happiness with everyone around.
After being stood up by her friends Paula decided to try pole on her own. After a short time as a student she realized that she was successful at helping other students reach their goals and decided to become an instructor.

Paula's competitive nature is what drew her to pole. Pole gives her the ability to compete with other athletes as well as herself. In her first pole competition she placed 5th.

Paula received her XPERT Pole Fitness Certification in 2013. Her fascination with the human body is what motivates her to learn new things that will push her students to the next level.
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Here at Vertical Addiction we pride ourselves on offering students professional, safe & fun instructors so they can learn and grow in a supportive environment. All VA instructors are ElevatED pole fitness certified.  Each instructor brings a unique set of skills and specialties to the table so students can learn a variety of styles and movement.