Using the aerial hammock, students flow through a series of postures and exercises, both traditional yoga poses and more circus-like, playful moves. The hammock facilitates deep stretching, helps build strength and, because of it’s high “play” factor, can reduce stress - a physical practice, but with a deep commitment to the mind-body connection.
You must at least be in level 1 to take this class. 
In this class the instructor will begin with a basic movement or sequence and continue to build upon it to cater to all levels.
*Inversions are utilized in this class.
This class is for students who have basic understanding of the silks (have taken a few intro level classes). Students will work on various climbs and skills offering progressions as needed.

This class teaches the art of aerial dance. We build the necessary skill set so that we can freely and sportively move the body. Learning to meld the body movements with the fluidity of the hammock you will learn from the traditional cirque style and we will utilize our skills into choreography and learning the art of flow. We build strength, stamina, as well as learn the knots, holds and grips so that the body can learn grace and long lines. Some prior experience is helpful but all levels are welcome.


This all level class focuses on progressions for increasing flexibility through major & minor muscle groups.  Shoulders, legs, back & hips.  Whether you are taking class to better your pole fitness abilities or you just want to have a great stretch, this class is for you!  
Bust a move and dance! Join Cory for an all out, cardio blasting hip hop class.
No experience necessary. 
Never taken hoop before? This class is for you!  Students will learn basic conditioning exercises to prepare them for mounting the hoop. You will also learn basic entrances and exits in and out of the hoop.
*No experience necessary. 

Never taken pole fitness before; this class is for you! You will learn the fundamentals of pole fitness including different hand grips, walks, beginner spins, and the basics of how your body moves around the pole. 

Typically takes 3-6 classes before you are ready for level 1.

*Shoes are not permitted in this class. 

In this class we will use Intro movements, as well as other basic pole and floor movements to learn to connect them in a choreography and dance it out.
This class is designed for beginner pole students as an alternative to Intro to Pole. Intermediate students can work on body expression and perfect-ionize their basic pole moves in this class.
In this class you will learn the essential climbs, grips, holds, balances, and safety that are essential when exploring aerial silks. Supporting the skills class
will be a warm up that focuses specifically on the muscles, joints, and finding deeper flexibility. This beginner silk, will prepare the student with strength building movements that are necessary to manipulate the silks.
No prior experience necessary.
In this all level class students will learn various exercises to build strength and prepare them to invert properly on both sides. They will also review proper ways to complete fundamental movements. There will be a strong focus on conditioning exercises.
Time to loosen up and have some fun! “The Art of The Lap Dance,” yes it is an art! Embrace your inner sensuality and learn a fun and sassy lap dance.

*No partner or experience necessary!
*shoes optional. If you chose to bring shoes they must be actual pole fitness heels.
This class is a multi level class. It's for students who are at least in level 1 and know basic climbing and spins. Inverting is not a requirement. For the more advanced students progressions will be available.
You've nailed the basics and it's time to get creative! This class opens up a world of basic spins, climbs, floor work & prep for chopper. 
In this class students will begin to work on basic inverts as well as progressions past the invert. There will be a focus on spin pole and various ways to climb. 
This class is for students who are proficient in all basic climbs and spins, as well as basic inverts.
This is open studio time for you to come practice what you've learned! This is NOT a class, there will be no instructor for spotting or teaching. **You may only practice tricks and spins you've learned in class and feel comfortable doing on your own.
Some tricks always end up stealing the show. Come prepared to learn shapes that look amazing in photos and get all the Ooohs and Aaaahs! Students must be able to invert.
*Must be level 1 and higher to take this class.
Forget the tricks and just dance!  In this fun class you will learn choreographed movement to a song. The focus will be on movement, dance, flow, transitions & floor.  

*level 1 & up
*Shoes are optional
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