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This class is taught by:

Marta Muryn

In a search for a fun way to workout Marta stumbled upon pole fitness. She discovered it is a great way to get a total body workout incorporating dancing and movement. “After each class I would come home and kept dancing!” …what a great feeling. Marta attended an open house at Vertical Addiction and was so pleased with the experience and atmosphere she knew she was coming back! After months of non-stop classes she decided to take things to the next level and enroll in VA’s first teacher training. Marta is excited to share her passion and experience with students and show them how pole and aerial can change their lives, mind and spirit!

Lavinia Marchis

Lavinia was born in Transylvania, Romania and was drawn to pole fitness due to its challenging nature and the fact that it provides a workout for the entire body. She joined the VA family over two years ago and enjoyed not only the fitness aspect but also the fact that it built her self-confidence. She admits that when she first started pole she was intimidated and couldn’t imagine the progress that she would make.
With her background in psychology, she found that pole aligns with one of her core beliefs, health mind in a healthy body. She believes in always challenging herself and pushing her own limits. She enjoys pole because it’s a form of expression and it builds on strength and sensuality. She enjoys classes and competitions and is a certified ElevatED pole fitness instructor. Lavinia is dedicated to challenge each student to push their own limits and become stronger physically and mentally.

Ashley Popoli

Ashley Popoli is the owner of Vertical Addiction, an aerial fitness studio in Stamford, CT.

With a background in competitive gymnastics and a bachelor's in business management, fate had it that Ashley would love pole dance and eventually open her own studio. As she quickly began training under the direction of Kyra Johannesen, Popoli soon found herself competing once again, this time not on a tumbling mat but on a pole!

Ashley won her first competition landing herself a cover shoot and interview in Pole2Pole magazine. She went on to win the first amateur division of the Supershag Competition in 2013. Last year Popoli was chosen as one of the 8 female finalists for the first US Aerial Championship in NYC.

Popoli continues to grow her studio in CT and is excited to open her second location this year.

In this all level class students will learn various exercises to build strength and prepare them to invert properly on both sides. They will also review proper ways to complete fundamental movements. There will be a strong focus on conditioning exercises.

Upcoming classes:

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